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whyy? he always comes back. and i still love him…

i thought you had the same feelings i had. guess not…

i miss you so much. everytime you come back im happy and hope that you’ll stay. but like always you leave me. and it hurts more and more each time…

what sucks how i went to your place begged you to talk in person with me. you denied and forward my calls and then just told me to say what i have to say over the phone.

i fucking cried telling you how its not fair how you come back. hold my hand. give me forehead kisses hug me spend time with me buy me breakfast. ask me to come in the middle of the night to just cuddle ect. then all of a sudden you just leave my side with nothing to say and ignore my invites calls texts.

you just said we were never together. that it was never going to work and that i wasnt for you

i fucking tried soo hard. ive grown up from that immature teenage girl i was. i know what i want and have an idea of what my future will be and i wanted you to be there.

yea ive been seeing someone else but he doesnt mean to me what you do. when i hug him its not the same. when im with you i feel safe that youre holding me. other guys were just something to have fun with but it was just sex pretty much. with you i can be the dorky person i am and i try to be soo sweet with you and give you anything you want.

i tell you everything i have to say then you tell me how you need to go to the bathroom. i ask does that mean i need to get off the phone. yes was the asnwer.

last thing i tell you what i still loved you.

 all you said was ok…


i go back home crying my eyes out. come inside my house and cry my heart out.

i felt tired and fell asleep on the sofa.

in my dream it felt so real. you were there and i told you how i missed you and i swear it felt real you hugged me from behind and whisper into my ear that you still loved me too.

i woke up and realized it was nothing more than a dream

in my dreams youre mine but in life youre just a dream….


maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

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I’m a very sexual person,


And I love people who can talk about nasty shit without feeling embarrassed